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Meet Ly from Vietnam. Since his childhood, he has been more than passionate about colors and wonderful pictures. This led him to start his career as a graphic designer, just like any of us, he too was introduced to by a friend. Which later made him to build his own darkroom during 1995 and quite strangely made him to quit his job for . Ly states, this is the story of how a photo hobbyist like him got transformed into a photographer who could inspire people.

According to Ly, the technique and concept of photography are variables and are tend to change from every time to time, whereas our optimistic vision is something which will last forever. His advice to young and aspiring photographers is, “Life is always looked much better while being seen via the view finder, so, just press the button and let the images tell the stories.”

For me, these pictures are arresting and artistic in every aspect related to art of photography. Be it the light with passionate drama all over the frame, adding to some scintillating moments of rural life, the people carrying out their daily life, some stunning portraits with whole a lot of soul and story. What else could a photographer wish to capture through his vision for art.

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